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Barrett's Cajun Country

Bienvenue vous-autres!

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Welcome to our  cajun country website ! The Barrett family is well established in the Lousiana cajun country, and we'll give you some great food and drink recipes, and much more!

Laissez les bons temps rouler
for you non-cajuns, that means, let the good times roll. This site is dedicated to our cajun heritage, and our grandmother , who this site is dedicated. Please browse the pages, visit the links and just hang out ! We will supply you with lots of cajun recipes, drink mixes, stories, jokes and Louisiana based information. We will supply great links to clubs, restuarants, and hole in the wall cajun hangouts. If you have any request , or any story ideas , or any recipes to submit, please contact us !

The Louisiana lobster, hillbilly, mudbug or as the yankees call it, "crayfish".


The official mascot of the state of Louisiana, and boy, don't they taste good?


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